Choosing Mobile Devices for Your Warehouse

Mobile communication tools and scanning devices can be vital for warehouse efficiency, particularly in larger warehouses. Getting in touch with staff on the warehouse floor and accessing information in a timely manner – these procedures can assist with reducing delays, eliminating wastage, and better decision making. Read the following tips for choosing mobile tools for your warehouse needs.

Intuitive Usage

As with any other tech tool, look for systems that balance functionality with user-friendliness. Users may not be technically savvy computer experts, so the more intuitive the device, the easier it will be to use and the more quickly staff will be able to use it effectively, whether it’s to record goods in the warehouse’s shelving systems or to communicate with other staff on the warehouse floor.

Durability and Warranties

Look for durable devices. Mobile tools in the warehouse inevitably will be dropped at one time or another. Tools for use in industrial spaces should generally be durable, hardy, and able to withstand impact. Screen devices for their durability ratings and associated warranties.

All-In-One Devices are Best

Additional accessories or add-ons are may not be conducive to the warehouse working environment. Managers can opt for all-in-one devices that facilitate efficiency, mobility, and allow workers to move between shelving and pallet racking systems within the warehouse without being overburdened with gadget and other electronic equipment.

While it’s tempting to load staff with lots of separate tools such as GPS receivers, label printers, scanners, and other devices, these may be easily lost or left behind in the field. Additionally, these peripherals may not justify their weight if they’re only used occasionally as your staff move around in the warehouse. Where possible, choose all-in-one devices for maximum efficiency.

Adequate Screen Size

A large screen isn’t always better. Most employees would probably prefer something highly mobile to a clunky, heavy device that hinders their mobility. It’s best to balance screen size with mobility, although screen size is important. The device should be fitted with a reasonable screen size for its purpose and to reduce errors and mistakes in entries.

Make Use of Demos

Where possible, take advantage of demos or product test drives. Involve the staff members who will be using the devices and obtain their feedback before making a decision about the product.

Identify Hidden Costs

It’s important to identify hidden costs as mobile devices for the warehouse can range widely in pricing, from several hundred dollars to a price tag in the thousands range. Extra features beyond the hardware itself, such as monthly subscription or hosting may not be included in the original quote. Some of the cheaper devices only come with basic functionality and extra capabilities will attract additional costs.

Technical Support and Training

Another important consideration when making your purchase is how much technical support will be provided for the product by the manufacturer. No matter how technically capable your staff members are, any mobile or IT device will require some level of technical support.

Additionally, a training program specific to your warehouse and IT system may provide a lot of benefit for employees.

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