Choosing The Right Storage System

Whether you work in a warehouse or a shopfront, a restaurant or an office, storing is going to provide an issue. Obviously, differences regarding the products you deal with, your line of work and the amount of storage that needs to be taken care of on-site as opposed to through a third party will all come into consideration when determining which storage system is right for you. From shelving system options to space-saving tips, we’ve got your storage needs covered.


A realistic understanding of how much space you need and where you need it is crucial to the effective running of any storage operation. The space you allocate for storage not only needs to be adequate in size, but it needs to be structured in a way that makes access easy and simple. In a warehouse situation, the right amount of space isn’t too much of an issue, but in a limited shopfront or hospitality environment, it requires a lot of planning to get it right.


Something that doesn’t immediately spring to mind when it comes to storage solutions is temperature and climate conditions. Having said this, the conditions inside whatever storage space you’re using can have a marked effect on stock, and not just temperature-sensitive products such as wine and aged documents. A space that allows damp or excessive heat to interact with the stored products can end up causing a lot of damage, with mould, swelling and other nasty side effects. To prevent this from happening, an air-tight, temperature controlled environment is best for any type of storage.


While not specifically ‘storage’ related, the quality of the equipment you use is also something worth considering. Especially in a warehouse situation when large items need to be moved, often forklifts and other machines are employed to shift bulk packages from one site to another. Ensuring machinery is high quality and has undergone regular maintenance is an important factor to ensure the safe transport of all goods.


Depending on what you are storing, your shelving needs will change. For large, heavy items, the most popular and effective form of storage is a pallet racking system, which is both space-efficient and reliable. For smaller items a structured shelving system that suits your needs is usually adequate.
With the dawning of the digital age, there’s no doubt that some storage issues have solved themselves, with many documents being able to be condensed to little more than the space of a keyring. There is still, however, a major need for large-scale storage solutions, and planning the efficiency and security of said storage will ensure productivity.

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