The Importance of Safety Netting

In life, it’s always good to have a safety net. This extends to almost every area of our social, financial and personal lives. We save a nest egg in case of financial trouble. We surround ourselves with good friends and family who can provide comfort and support when we need it and we make sure that we take care of ourselves by putting in place strategies to protect ourselves. These safety nets are all extremely important for protecting our mental and financial health, but when it comes to pallet racking, safety netting is essential for protecting our physical health–and very possibly our lives.

What is Safety Netting?

When we speak about safety netting in terms of pallet racking, we’re talking about a protective net that extends below and around suspended and stacked shelves, serving the twofold purpose of protecting your inventory as well as your staff. There are several types of safety netting available but you should choose a product that is both sturdy and versatile to satisfy your needs.


In terms of safety, there is really no other option than 100% compliance with procedures and standards. While your warehouse workers may wear hard hats and steel-caps, there is nothing that can protect them from injury if a heavy object falls from above, which is why your main objective should be negating any chance of that happening. The way this is done is to invest in quality safety netting that will catch any faults before they turn into catastrophes.


If you’re running a warehouse, one of your primary functions is to ensure the safe housing, distribution and packing of products entrusted to you. A warehouse is essentially a babysitter for valuable goods, goods that have been entrusted to it by a third party. A large part of any babysitting job is obviously keeping your charges safe from harm, so it should be of utmost importance to you to ensure that all stock in your inventory remains undamaged and in as good condition as the day it arrived. As a warehousing company, your reputation rides on the way you handle all matters of business, but especially stock-holding, which is why safety nets are an added precaution no warehouse should be without.

Shelving systems and pallet racking should be chosen for their reliability, but to further mitigate any risks, make sure that compliant, high-quality safety netting is also installed. This will not only solidify your reputation as a company that looks after its stock, but will ensure the safety of your staff, as well as OHS best practices.

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