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Drive Through and Drive In Pallet Racking

Drive In Pallet RackingDrive through and drive in racking is the best option for multiple quantities of the same SKU, particularly when there is a premium price on available floor space. This configuration of racking has the greatest possible percentage utilisation of floor space, whilst protecting your product by eliminating the risk of compression damage. Drive through and drive in pallet racking systems are tailored to suit your space, product and quantity requirements.

ISS ProRack can custom design your drive through or drive in racking storage system taking into consideration your specific needs:

  • Efficiency of access requirements – for your type and quantity of palletised product
  • Horizontal and vertical space utilisation – for your current and future flexibility
  • Most suitable lifting equipment – for cash flow and efficiency
  • Safety – we design with people and product in focus

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Drive In Pallet RackingDrive through and drive in pallet racking configurations offers maximum storage density with an extremely high floor area utilisation. It is recommended for facilities with large quantities of the same SKU. Product retrieval is based on the FILO order.

Benefits of Drive-In and Drive-Through:

  • Highest floor area utilisation: 60%
  • Provides the space efficiency of block stacking without risking product damage
  • Ideal for applications with a premium on-floor space, e.g. cool storage
  • It can be used with a wide range of materials handling equipment
  • Best MHE includes Counterbalance and Reach Truck

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