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Warehouse Shelving Systems

ISS ProRack are industry leaders when it comes to pallet storage in Melbourne; however, not all goods lend themselves to the simplicity of pallet shelves. Some require specialist systems to manage access, flow and efficiency. ISS ProRack OTL Systems offer these specialised warehouse storage solutions, backed by our expert design and advice, to ensure your goods management supports a profitable bottom line.

As well as our pallet shelving systems, ISS ProRack offers:

All industrial storage solutions from ISS ProRack are designed to meet individual client needs.

Longspan Shelving Systems (Medium Duty)

Longspan’s industrial shelving is similar in construction to light pallet shelves except it’s designed for non-palletised goods that can be handled without mechanical lifting equipment. It is suitable for goods ranging from the smallest components to large and awkward items. It is ideal for automotive component distribution and workshops, supermarkets, libraries, hospitals and pharmacies.

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Mezzanine Floors and Raised Storage Area Systems

This industrial storage system is available in single or multi-tier configuration (up to 4 tiers with mezzanine floors in between) and in ‘high bay longspan’ (above 3m high) and ‘clear entry longspan’ (from 1300mm to 27mm). It’s available in epoxy painted steel, wood, stainless steel and a range of special dividers.

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Rivet Shelving

[info and image coming soon]

RET Shelving

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Modular Shelving Systems (Light Weight)

Smart, versatile, and functional; modular shelving is suitable for most hand-loaded storage applications (single and multi-tier systems). Modular in design, easy to assemble and complete with a comprehensive range of accessories; this shelving has unlimited scope for a customised storage facility. It is ideal for auto parts, pharmaceutical, electronic and archival storage.

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