Learning from the World’s Top 10 Businesses

For any small business out there looking to make some changes and sharpen things up, the following companies are all worth learning from.

1) ExxonMobil

This global giant was reported to be worth almost $486 billion in 2011, and has dominated the oil and gas industry for decades. Even amidst widespread international condemnation, ExxonMobil was able to survive the infamous Exxon Valdez environmental catastrophe, showing resilience and power that few thought existed in a corporation. In many ways, ExxonMobil is the ultimate corporation.

2) Walmart

Retail behemoth Walmart was most recently valued at just over $421 billion, and has become the world’s most recognised retail store. Walmart is the ultimate in large-scale product delivery, and in 2009 was responsible for over half of all grocery sales in the United States. If you want to learn about doing something on a large scale, you can sure learn a thing or two from Walmart; its warehouse racking and shelving system alone would be incredible to see.

3) Royal Dutch Shell

Another huge oil and gas company, Shell have proven themselves to be equally as resilient to fellow giant ExxonMobil, somehow shake off extremely damning evidence of their complicity in human rights violations. Shell remains the masters of public relations.

4) BP

Until recently, BP was the golden child of the oil and gas family, free of any major environmental blight. That is well and truly a thing of the past after their astonishing debacle in 2010 with the Gulf of Mexico disaster. The disaster cost more than 20 workers their lives and lost the company $17 billion in three months following the incident. Still, BP is a force to be reckoned with and can be used as another example of a resilient company.

5) Sinopec

As Asia’s largest oil refiner, Sinopec could certainly teach some lessons on strategic placement.

6) State Grid Corporation of China

When you score the contract to provide electricity to almost everyone in China, you are bound to make a little coin. Surely there are some lessons to be learned from these guys, especially regarding large-scale service provision and infrastructure.

7) Toyota Motors

This automotive superstar is well known globally for its integrity and work ethic, often being held up as an example to other businesses.

Learning from the World’s Top 10 Businesses PetroChina

China’s largest oil producer was valued at just over $221 billion in 2011. This is another company that could teach a lot about large-scale production.

9) Total S.A.

This French company is an industry success story when it comes to diversification, as Total S.A. is involved in everything from oil and gas exploration to large-scale chemical manufacturing.

10) Japan Post Holdings

This Japanese company was valued at just over $211 billion in 2011 and is another fine example of diversification, being involved in postal services, life insurance and banking industries.

Regardless of what you think of their products, services or morals, you have to respect the success that these companies have had, and if you are interested in succeeding with your own business, these companies all offer fantastic models to try and emulate.

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