Pallet Racking

What Consumers are Buying Online

Since the first e-Commerce stores were launched in the 90s, online retail has grown by leaps and bounds. Online retail is set to continue expanding for the foreseeable future. Many bricks and mortar stores have made the leap into online retail, purchasing warehouses and shelving systems for their products. In this article, we look at what consumers are buying online, and how this is expected to change in the coming years.

What We’re Buying Online

A new report by Forrester Research and PayPal (‘The Secure Insight: Changing the Way We Pay’) has projected that the online commerce will reach $37.7 billion by 2013, up from $30.2 billion this year. It found that nearly nine million Australians already buy goods and services on the internet, and around 97 per cent of internet users had already purchased something online.

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Practical Guide to Shipping Perishables

For companies that shift temperature- and environment-sensitive stock, need to take extra care in selecting a carrier and provide good storage and shelving systems for their inventory. In selecting a carrier, knowing the shipping requirements of your product and communicating these needs to your transport provider can minimise product spoilage and boost your bottom line.

Knowing Your Product

Goods that expire during transit is lost revenue. However, with the range of technologies and packaging options available, businesses can eliminate unnecessary spoilage. To match the product to the right solution, it’s important to start by understand your product.

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How to Purchase Pallet Racking

Buying the correct pallet racking for your warehouse sounds like a simple task – you choose a pallet rack and have it installed in your warehouse, how hard could it be, right? If only it were that simple.

If you are unfamiliar with pallet racking, you will be surprised at the amount of careful planning, measuring and forethought that goes into purchasing this shelving system. There are so many considerations to weigh for your business’ specific needs.
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Pallet Racks — 5 Vital Safety Tips

Pallet racking shelving systems are commonplace in warehouses around the world. Business owners understand how advantageous it is to have a quality storage system in their facilities, but as with any system there are problems with safety if the system is poorly constructed or faulty. This article will help identify the potentially dangerous aspects of pallet racks.
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The Five Different Types of Pallet Racks

Pallet racking is a popular type of shelving system used in storage facilities around the world. It is very popular with factory owners because of its versatility and simple design. But if you are not in the industry, or if you are just starting out in business, you are probably not aware that there are many different types of pallet racking, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.
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How to Properly Size Pallet and Storage Racks

If you own a factory or a store with a large quantity of items, pallet racking is the perfect shelving system to have in place – the system itself is easy to set up and your products will be highly accessible when you need to offload them.
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The Importance of Safety Netting

In life, it’s always good to have a safety net. This extends to almost every area of our social, financial and personal lives. We save a nest egg in case of financial trouble. We surround ourselves with good friends and family who can provide comfort and support when we need it and we make sure that we take care of ourselves by putting in place strategies to protect ourselves. These safety nets are all extremely important for protecting our mental and financial health, but when it comes to pallet racking, safety netting is essential for protecting our physical health–and very possibly our lives.
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What is Warehouse Pallet Racking?

So often when we think of an industry suck as furniture, automotive, clothing or even toys, we think about the inventors, the designers, the manufacturers and then of course the retail stores. What often fails to register with us is that for nearly every industry that creates a tangible product, there is a ‘middle man’ if you will, whose job it is to oversee the storage and shipping of said products. What many people don’t realise is that as a warehousing and packing solution, the middle man’s success is directly related to the success of the manufacturer and retailer, which is why pallet racking–while it may not seem like it directly relates to whatever industry you work for–is an important thing to learn about.
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